Glow Table

What You'll Need:

Glass bottles
Tonic Water
Black light
Ice cubes
Table cloth or spiderwebs


01. Make or print labels for the glass bottles (labels pictured, download via <a title=”Martha Stewart” href=”http://www.marthastewart.com/article/cocktail-clip-art-labels”>Martha Stewart</a>), add labels to bottles.

02. Add the tonic water to the glass bottles (The quinine in tonic water takes on a creep glow in black light). Club soda may work as well.

03. Ice cubes will also glow when tonic water is frozen.

04. For glowing colors you can use fluorescent poster paint or fluorescent acrylic paint and mix with water. I highly recommend shaking the paint and water mixture in a bottle before adding to glass bottles, beakers etc. Light colors will glow: pink, blue, yellow, orange etc.

05. Add a black light and you are done! Great for a creepy table or mad scientist theme, you can add some dry ice or a mist maker.

My Notes:

You can also find fluorescent paint meant for water online. Highlighter pens work great too, break them open and squeeze a few drops into the water.

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