Black Garland

What You'll Need:

White or Green garland
Spray paint; Krylon Interior-Exterior Ultra Flat Black (1602) & Pumpkin Orange (2411), Home Depot Pum Royale (7406)
Large artificial leaves
Glitter: 2 shades or purple, orange and black
4-inch-tall wooden letters to spell “trick or treat”
Matte finish spray
Glass ball ornaments: 2- and 4-inch-diameter in assorted colors
Crafts tape in circle shapes
Florist’s wire
Wire cutters
Glue gun and hot melt adhesive
4-inch-wide purple ribbon


1. Spray paint the garland black, following the manufacturer’s instructions. Spray-paint the leaves purple and immediately sprinkle glitter onto the wet paint, coating an equal number of leaves in each of the two purple shades. Spray paint the wooden letters orange and immediately sprinkle orange glitter onto the wet paint. When the paint is completely dry, spray the leaves and the letters with matte finish.

2. To dot the ornaments, remove the crafts-tape circle shapes one at a time from the backing sheet and press onto the ornaments in a random fashion. Peel off the red liner from each shape and sprinkle black glitter onto each circle, pressing the glitter down with a fingertip if a smooth finish is desired.

3. Cut a 12-inch length of wire for each letter. Fold a wire in half and twist the wire around itself about 1/4 inch from the fold, creating a small look. With the wire ends upward, hot-glue a loop to the center top on the back of each letter. Repeat for each wire and ornament.

4. Drape and wave the ribbon over the front of the garland and wire in place. Position the letters to hang from the garland and secure the wires. Arrange the leaves and ornaments on the garland. When pleased with the arrangement, wire the ornaments and leaves in place.

My notes: You can simply buy Halloween ornaments or spell out any words you want with the wooden letters. You can also add purple, orange or green Halloween lights to the garland.

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