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Creepy Ice Cubes

What You'll Need:

You Will Need:
For Spiders:
Ice cube trays
Plastic spiders

Ice cube trays
Paring Knife
Melon baller

Ice cube trays
Gummy Worms
Water or juice

Glowing Ice:
Tonic Water
Black light


1. Spiders: Start by adding a spider to each open tray. Slowly pour water to fill tray with maximum amount of water. Tip: To achieve clear cubes, first boil the water in a kettle, allow water to cool, fill trays.

2. Eyeballs: Trim the stem and root ends of a radish (make sure it’s small enough to fit the individual section of an ice-cube tray), and use a paring knife to scrape off most of the red skin. Leave just enough red to give the radish a veined appearance. Rinse the radish off, and use a small melon baller to cut 1/2-inch-diameter hole into the radish. Fit an olive, cut side out, into the hole, and place the radish in the ice-cube tray. Repeat this process until the tray is full, then pour water over the eyeballs, and freeze. Often around Halloween, you can also find Gummy eyeball candy.

3. Worms: Place one or several gummy worms per tray. Fill each tray with water or fruit juice. Ewww, worms in my drink!

4. Glowing: Tonic water glows under blacklight. Fill trays with tonic water and freeze.

© Spider image courtesy of "Real Family Time" blog. Eyeball courtesy of Martha Stewart.

Cheesecloth Spirits

What You'll Need:

Styrofoam mannequin heads
Sponge brush
Watered-down glue or fabric stiffener (such as Stiffy)
Screw eyes
Removable adhesive hooks (such as Command brand) or painters’ tape, to hang


1. Apply a layer of cheesecloth to head, then generously brush over head and face with glue. Use hands to smooth the cloth into the facial features. Don’t brush down the neck; stop at chin level so the fabric is loose below that.© 2011 Unknown. Found via Google images.

2.Repeat until you have 4 layers (each 7 feet long) of cheesecloth. Let dry thoroughly. (No need to dry between layers.)

3.Tatter edges of cloth with scissors if desired. Attach a screw eye with a bit of glue to the top of the head; thread with monofilament to hang from hooks.

Styrofoam mannequin heads are sold at wig shops. They can stand (on their necks), but suspending them lets the cloth flow freely.

© Martha Stewart Website

Specimen Jars

What You'll Need:

Cabbage head (Peel off outer layers for a brain specimen)
A fennel bulb with the fronds cut off for a heart
Cauliflower head, optional
Grapes, optional
Celery root, optional
Glass vases or jars
Small suction cup
Food coloring

Optional Candle Materials:
Wax granules


1. Attach a cauliflower head to the metal part of a small suction cup, and secure it to the inside of a glass vase. You can also experiment with other fruits and vegetables instead of cauliflower, such as grapes or celery root.

2. Fill jar with water (water should cover top of cauliflower head).

3. Dye water with one or two drops of food coloring.

4. Pour wax granules on top of water and lace wicks in granules. A 1-inch layer of granules burns for about 1 hour.

My notes: You can also use tonic water, it glows in black light! For glowing colors you can use fluorescent poster paint or fluorescent acrylic paint and mix with water. You can also find fluorescent paint meant for water online. Highlighter pens work great too, break them open and squeeze a few drops into the water. Check out Marthas <a href=”http://www.marthastewart.com/266796/specimen-jar-candle”>how-to video</a> instructions.

© Martha Stewart Living

Snake Wreath

What You'll Need:

Black acrylic paint
Vinyl snakes, orientaltrading.com
Floral wire, 20-gauge, save-on-crafts.com
Black water-based spray paint, in Shock Black by Montana Gold, dickblick.com
18-inch grapevine wreath, save-on-crafts.com


1. Paint grapevine wreath using water-based spray paint; let dry.

2. Paint vinyl snakes in assorted shapes and sizes using acrylic paint; let dry.

3. Attach snakes to wreath: For flat snakes, twist floral wire around in 2 places, thread wire into wreath, and secure at back. Coiled snakes can simply be wrapped around wreath.

My notes: You don’t have to use the paint recommended, you can use a can of flat black spray paint. You can also hot glue the snakes in various spots to the wreath. You can also buy store bought rubber shakes in a bag. You can save a couple of steps and a couple of bucks by using a little glue and some store bought snakes. Additionally you can illuminate your door with a colored flood light, a spooky red or creepy green would really set the mood. You could even attach battery operated lights behind the wreath, an errie glow would cast onto your door!

© Martha Stewart Living

Boo! Mantel

What You'll Need:

Black spray paint
Newspaper or cardboard
Orange lights (small LED work great as well as battery operated)
Crows or black birds (a black owl would be great too)
Candle holders
Orange candles
Boo! Optional painted wood saying (or other Halloween sayings)
Black twist ties, zip ties or black floral tape.


01. Start by finding a branch. I would look for one that has a top branch extended up for tallest part.

02. Place cardboard or newspaper in a well ventilated area. Spray paint one side at a time, following spray paint instructions. Spray in light coats and be sure to spray both sides. Wait to dry. I would allow 48 hours for paint smell to subside.

03. Add orange Halloween lights to branch. You can secure the lights to the branch with black twist ties, zip ties or black floral tape. Battery operated lights work well as there is no need for a cord.

04. Add crows to various locations on branch. Or secure an owl to the branch.

05. Accent with candle holders/candles as well as Boo! or other Halloween art.

Note in the picture, the hanging spiders (off the candles) can be found at Lillian Vernon.

© Unknown.

Witch Broom Favors

What You'll Need:

Brown Paper Bags or Colored Paper Bags
Black Twine
Wooden Sticks or small tree branches


1. You need two lunch-size paper bags for each broomstick.

2. Unfold one bag, and push out its base while folding in the left and right sides.

3. Using scissors, cut the bag into thin strips, stopping short of the base.

4. Cut thin strips into the top inch of the second bag.

5. Open both bags, and place the second bag inside the shredded one; fill with candy.

6. Insert a small branch 1 inch into the bag; cinch the tops of both bags, and secure with black twine.

These treat bags would look fantastic in eerie green or purple!

© Martha Stewart Living, October 2007

Fogging Candy Cauldron

What You'll Need:

Twig wreath or moss
Orange tissue paper
White string of lights (or flicker bulb strand)
Glass bowl
One gallon storage bucket
Large pot (lobster pot 20 quart pictured)
Dry ice /Water


01. Set a twig wreath on an end table or other flat surface (if the sticks are tightly women, pull at their ends so the wreath appears slightly disheveled).

02. Tuck a sheet of orange tissue paper in its center, and place a shallow glass bowl on top.

03. Set a strand of small holiday lights in a bowl, letting the cord dangle out.

04. Drill holes in the lid of a one gallon storage bucket. Position the bucket in the center of a large lobster pot and nestle newspaper around it.

05. Remove lid from bucket; fill bucket two-thirds with water. Add 1/2 pound of dry ice chunks to the water.

06. Replace lid, and arrange wrapped candy on top. Place pot on top of bowl in wreath, and plug in lights.

My Notes:

If you wish, you can use Spanish moss around the base instead of a twig wreath. You can also use flicker bulbs to give the illusion of fire movement

© Martha Stewart Living October 2006 and Oct31st.org

Black Garland

What You'll Need:

White or Green garland
Spray paint; Krylon Interior-Exterior Ultra Flat Black (1602) & Pumpkin Orange (2411), Home Depot Pum Royale (7406)
Large artificial leaves
Glitter: 2 shades or purple, orange and black
4-inch-tall wooden letters to spell “trick or treat”
Matte finish spray
Glass ball ornaments: 2- and 4-inch-diameter in assorted colors
Crafts tape in circle shapes
Florist’s wire
Wire cutters
Glue gun and hot melt adhesive
4-inch-wide purple ribbon


1. Spray paint the garland black, following the manufacturer’s instructions. Spray-paint the leaves purple and immediately sprinkle glitter onto the wet paint, coating an equal number of leaves in each of the two purple shades. Spray paint the wooden letters orange and immediately sprinkle orange glitter onto the wet paint. When the paint is completely dry, spray the leaves and the letters with matte finish.

2. To dot the ornaments, remove the crafts-tape circle shapes one at a time from the backing sheet and press onto the ornaments in a random fashion. Peel off the red liner from each shape and sprinkle black glitter onto each circle, pressing the glitter down with a fingertip if a smooth finish is desired.

3. Cut a 12-inch length of wire for each letter. Fold a wire in half and twist the wire around itself about 1/4 inch from the fold, creating a small look. With the wire ends upward, hot-glue a loop to the center top on the back of each letter. Repeat for each wire and ornament.

4. Drape and wave the ribbon over the front of the garland and wire in place. Position the letters to hang from the garland and secure the wires. Arrange the leaves and ornaments on the garland. When pleased with the arrangement, wire the ornaments and leaves in place.

My notes: You can simply buy Halloween ornaments or spell out any words you want with the wooden letters. You can also add purple, orange or green Halloween lights to the garland.

© Better Homes and Gardens, Halloween Tricks & Treats 2005