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Ribbon Wreath

What You'll Need:

A variety of ribbon

Different widths, patterns, textures

A straw wreath (or round foam is okay too).


1. Wrap your straw wreath one of your selected ribbons.  I chose solid black.  This keeps the straw from ruining all your fun with the inevitable “peek through.”

2. Cut pieces of ribbon and tie around wreath using your basic square knot!  I started with my wide ribbons first and then went back and filled in with the thinner ones.

3. Optional but I think it made a big difference… cut the ends of all your ribbons in a V.  This definitely gave it a more finished and festive look.

4. Fluff and froof until you get it how you want it and hang it up!


Witchful Thinking

What You'll Need:

1 1/2 yards of 3-inch wire-edge ribbon

Thing gauge wire

Greeting from BHG.com/HTTWreath

Cardstock: purple glittered and white

Spray adhesive

8 inches of 1/4 inch-wide black grosgrain ribbon

Crafts glue

Damage free hanging solutions (3m command strips)

Jewelry display hand form (found at hobby stores)

Fake purple nails

Nail adhesive

Purchased Halloween wreath (or garland and wire frame)


1. Starting 6 inches from a ribbon end, make a 4 inch long loop. Make a second loop the same size in the opposite direction.

2. Repeat for two more loops. Wrap a 10inch piece of wire around the center of the loops and twist tightly.

3. Leave a 6 inch long ribbon tail. Wire ribbon bow to the wreath, and trim the wire ends.

4. Print the Halloween greeting on white cardstock, and cut it into a 2 1/2x 3 1/2 inch rectangle.

5. Center and adhere the cardstock rectangle on a 3x 4 1/2 inch glitter cardstock rectangle using spray adhesive. Using crafts glue, adhere black ribbon to the back of the cardstock rectangle for a hanging loop.

6. Using mail adhesive, adhere the purple nails to the hand form. Press the damage-free hanger on the bottom of the hand form. Determine the wreath placement on your door, and press on the remaining damage-free hanger.

7. Loop the sign hanger over the hand form fingers. Hang the wreath using a damage free hanging solution.


Bug Wreath

What You'll Need:

Wreath form (white foam, wood etc)
Ribbon for the bow
Foam wreath
Plastic spider, bugs etc
Hot glue gun


1. You have a few options with the wreath base. You can either glue the bugs directly to the foam wreath, but I recommend wrapping it in white ribbon or wrapping it in faux spider webs.

2. You can also get creative with the ribbon color – You can use white or even RED for a spooky color contrast. The red base with black bugs on top would be very spooky.

3. Wrap the wreath in the ribbon or spider webs and glue on the bugs. You can use a mix of bugs, or strictly spiders, ants etc.

4. For a fuller look, glue on additional layers of bugs.

Note: Be careful with the glue gun, I recommend gloves when doing this type of project. Allow to dry, add a festive ribbon. If hanging something on your door is a problem, use command hooks!

© Better Homes and Gardens

Fall Candles

What You'll Need:

LED Faux Candles
Twine or decorative string


1. Tie one piece of string around the leaf and candle, securing with a knot in the back.

2. Wrap additional string around the candle, allowing for no overlap to create the desired thickness of string.

3. After wrapping the string, once again secure it in the back with a knot. Trim the excess string in the back. You may also secure the string with a little hot glue.


Note: For even more fall fun, use mod podge and glue the leaf to the candle. Coat the entire back of the leaf and carefully position onto the candle. Get creative by adding smaller leaves, or omit the leaves and use decorative ribbon to match your décor. For example: use a wide ribbon and overlap a thin ribbon over the bottom of the thick ribbon.


Fang Napkin Holder

What You'll Need:

Cloth Napkins
Plastic vampire teeth


Just roll up a cloth napkin and insert it between the top and bottom chompers.

My Notes:

If you have a color theme, you can paint the teeth any color as needed!


Corn Garland

What You'll Need:

Indian Corn
Screw Eye Hooks
Corn Husks
Glue Gun + Hot Glue


Cut rope 2 feet longer than the area in which you intend to hang the garland.

Then twist screw-eye hooks (with openings about the same size as the rope diameter) into the tops of mini ears of corn, one per ear.

Bend corn husks into loops and hot-glue the pointed ends together.

Thread the husks and ears onto the rope and hang.


Glow Table

What You'll Need:

Glass bottles
Tonic Water
Black light
Ice cubes
Table cloth or spiderwebs


01. Make or print labels for the glass bottles (labels pictured, download via <a title=”Martha Stewart” href=”http://www.marthastewart.com/article/cocktail-clip-art-labels”>Martha Stewart</a>), add labels to bottles.

02. Add the tonic water to the glass bottles (The quinine in tonic water takes on a creep glow in black light). Club soda may work as well.

03. Ice cubes will also glow when tonic water is frozen.

04. For glowing colors you can use fluorescent poster paint or fluorescent acrylic paint and mix with water. I highly recommend shaking the paint and water mixture in a bottle before adding to glass bottles, beakers etc. Light colors will glow: pink, blue, yellow, orange etc.

05. Add a black light and you are done! Great for a creepy table or mad scientist theme, you can add some dry ice or a mist maker.

My Notes:

You can also find fluorescent paint meant for water online. Highlighter pens work great too, break them open and squeeze a few drops into the water.

© © Martha Stewart Living October 2008 and Oct31st.org

Macabre Dinner Table Theme

What You'll Need:

Maroon/dark red table cloth
Black table runner
Glass vase
Black marbles or stones
Black roses & small red flowers
2 Black candelabras (with red, black or white blood drip candles)
Red napkins
White wax candle holders
Clear or frosted tea light votive cups
Black and white plates
Floating rose candles/black roses


01. Start with the maroon/dark red table cloth. You can buy one or purchase fabric and sew the edges. If you cannot sew, I suggest getting fabric glue to glue the edges.

02. Add the black table runner down the center of the table.

03. Place the black and white plates for each person attending. The reason you don’t want to do it last is because you want to position the décor around the plates to allow for enough room. Place each red napkin (folded flat) in the center of each plate as well as a black rose.

04. Place the glass vase in the center, add the black marbles/stones. The stones allow the flowers to stand up right and be positioned as necessary. Add the black roses and red flowers. If you can’t find black roses you will have to buy regular roses and spray them with black floral spray or flat black spray paint. When spraying with floral/spray paint, do several light coats. Note the photo shows floating black wax roses on each plate, however you can use regular black roses for the center of each plate.

05. Place the white wax candle holders, 3-4 should be enough (don’t want to over do it). Now add the glass votive cups near each wax candle holder (not too close). The ones pictured are from Illuminations but you can find similar ones to match! Experiment, but stick to the color scheme of white, black and red.

My Notes:

Note the photo and most products shown are from Illuminations. They currently are out of business, however you can find similar items to go with your table. Also pictured is black bird candles but I don’t recommend these types of candles as wax will drip onto the table cloth/runner. Take note of the candelabras as well, as they can also drip onto the table runner.

© Illuminations.com, additional notes by Oct31st.org