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Sep 4, 2010    /       CONTESTS NEWS

Win a FREE copy of Martha Stewart’s Halloween Handbook

Oct31st.org is giving away a free copy of Martha Stewart’s brand new Halloween Handbook. It features the best of Martha Stewart’s Halloween ideas, recipes and lots more. It’s printed on sturdy paper, much like a book! 116 pages of decor, tricks and treats. Here is how the contest works: The contest starts now!! All you have to do is comment below about oct31st.org! It has to be a real comment about the website, something you like, something you used from here – a wallpaper, a recipe etc. Enter your name, email address (so I can contact you – should ...

Aug 20, 2010    /       NEWS SITE UPDATES TV

ABC Renews Peanuts Specials

ABC has announced its renewal of the classic Peanuts holiday specials for another five years. It’s not any wonder why the beloved Peanuts are being renewed. Peanuts have become a worldwide staple in pop culture and continue to deliver exceptional ratings for ABC. Peanuts are celebrating their 45th anniversary this year since the first airing of “A Charlie Brown Christmas,” in 1965. In celebration, all the specials are going to be re-mastered on Blu-ray (and regular DVD) as individual releases and in a “Holiday Deluxe Collection.” (Quick lesson for the technologically impaired, DVD’s hold only 8 gigs of ...

Jul 28, 2010    /       NEWS TV

Elvira Returns to TV

Elvira, Mistress of the Dark is back from the dead. The girl with the enormous….ratings (get your mind out of the gutter will ya? Geeze!) Is returning with brand new Movie Macabre. The horror hostess is dusting off her Victorian red couch and prepping the best B movies she can find, to bring you quality horror entertainment. Elvira is known for her big hair, makeup, tight fitting (low cut) black gown that has become a staple in the history of Halloween costumes. Men want to do her, women want to dress up as her and gay boys ….well they want ...

Jul 24, 2010    /       DECOR NEWS WEBSITES

Halloween 2010 Merchandise Report

As the Halloween 2010 season approaches, I have gone to various stores looking for any sight of Halloween merchandise. So far – all I have to report is Michaels has their fall foliage out as well as an end cap with various skulls and other little things. It has been reported (from Halloween forum) that Hobby Lobby, Ross, Big Lots, Dollar Tree and Party City have started stocking Halloween items and plan to put out additional items in the coming weeks. If you have a Halloween merchandise report – please report it via comment below. If you can’t wait for ...

Sep 22, 2009    /       NEWS

First Day of Fall 2009!

Happy fist day of fall 2009! Today marks the day that we can officially put away our summer decorations and you can finally put out some of the fall decor. I recently took out some of my Halloween items from the storage bins and placed them around. Sorry about the slow updates the past few days. I recently have been working on a spread for a magazine on a local horror film festival. I just updated the recipes section and please note all future new recipies will show in blue until the following update. I have lots more ready to ...

Oct 4, 2008    /       NEWS SITE UPDATES

Interview on Halloween.dj

Just a quick update before I head out for my birthday weekend! I wanted to let you know I recently did an interview for a Halloween/Horror/Music Blog (that’s a lot of slashes huh?!) called Halloween DJ. The owner Massimo Nero was nice enough to contact me and also inform me of a Halloween CD he has recently released called “Halloween Obscura.” It is definitely worth checking out if you have not listened yet! It has a very retro Halloween vibe and is available on ITunes. Check out the interview at Halloween.dj. See you back here Monday ...