Perhaps the most frequent questions I have received from strangers, friends and family have to do with my obsession over all things Halloween. I often find the question is difficult to answer in such a way that articulates the exact thoughts and emotions that strike me when thinking of Halloween. What exactly is it about this spooky and wonderfully macabre day that appeals to me so? Some of my earliest memories of Halloween stem from the traditions that have been passed on for so many years, one being trick-or-treating. I have many wonderful memories of Halloween. Dressed in my costume, I would dash from house to house on Halloween night, collecting as much candy as possible. Paper luminaries lined driveways, jack-‘o’-lanterns adorned porches and the smell of fall lingered in the air. 


As a teen, we decorated our yard for Halloween each year, first starting with cobwebs and a few store-bought tombstones from the local grocery. Kids in costumes lined the streets, fallen leaves on the pavement and spooky music crept from our windows. At sixteen years old, the internet was the place to go for all things Halloween. Yahoo Groups, Angelfire, Geocities and Halloween-online represented the very structure of the online Halloween community. Inspired by the love, support and devotion of the Halloween community, I created my own Halloween website. I studied desktop publishing in Middle School and later web and graphic design in High School. I graduated college in 2004 with a Bachelor of Science in Web Design and Multimedia. In 2002, I obtained and created the website Oct31st.org. My collection of all things Halloween continues to grow. What were once grocery store props evolved into tombstones, coffins and a front yard turned elaborate haunt. Each year we add new spooky things, new lighting and participate in the traditions since childhood.



On Halloween we open our doors to strangers, neighbors, children, family and friends. We play with the things that go bump in the night, the spooky, the creepy, the fun and the macabre. I see the spirit of the Halloween, from the haunt community to the children that hurry to my yard haunt. The magical time of Halloween is special and greatly celebrated in my life. Words alone cannot express my love of the holiday, of the season. The crisp, cool evenings, delicious pumpkin treats, fall leaves and the grin of jack-o-lanterns. We are part of the wonder, of the magic that makes up the very fabric of the Halloween spirit.



I hope this website aids to your Halloween spirit, from my home, to yours – may it be the spookiest yet!


Happy Halloween,




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