Halloween II BlurayHalloween is one of the single most influential horror movies to date; its budget was $325,000 and has grossed over $47 million in the United States box office alone. The film’s release date was October 25th, 1978. It has become of the most profitable independent films. Its villain, Michael Myers, remains a horror icon and the film has received critical reception. The film has been released in several formats, DVD editions and is shown on TV several times a year.

Several things to note about John Carpenter’s Halloween are his spectacular lighting and first-person camera angles. Carpenter used suspense building and shadows rather than blood and gore to create fear and uneasiness. In early years, critics seemed dismissive and uninterested in Carpenter’s work. However, it later received awards and has been selected for preservation in the United States National Film Registry by the Library of Congress as being “culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant.”

On Halloween, a six year old Michael murders his fifteen year old sister, Judith. Michael is sent to a sanitarium where is placed under the care of a Dr. Samuel Loomis (Donald Pleasance). Fifteen years later, he escapes the sanitarium, returns to his home town (Haddonfield, Illinois) and stalks a teenage girl named Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) and her friends. Dr. Loomis follows Michael back to Haddonfield, knowing all too well of Michaels intentions.

The sequel to the film continues immediately after the first film and reproduces the key elements that made the first Halloween so successful. Michael follows the clearly shaken and injured Laurie to the nearby Haddonfield Hospital. As Dr. Loomis continues to search for Michael, his investigations reveal Michael’s true identity, Michael and Laurie are brother and sister. One feels a state of suspense, panic and fear as Laurie limps and crawls her way through the darkened hospital corridors.

Once again, critics gave Halloween II dismissive reviews and were quoted as saying “a fall from greatness.” However, in recent years, critics have given Halloween II positive reviews saying “By the standards of most recent horror films, it was far better than the slew of inferior sequels and rip-offs that followed in subsequent years.”

Additionally, the score to the Halloween films was composed by John Carpenter. The score creates a foreboding sense of fear, dread and tension. It’s been released and recreated on countless Halloween mix CD’s and is universally recognized as a signature horror movie musical title.

Halloween has been cited as “a labor of love, made by people committed to creating the most suspenseful and compelling motion picture they could.” Thirty years after its debut, it remains a cult classic and one of the scariest movies of all time.

The first Halloween film was released on Blu-ray October 2007. On September 13th 2011, Halloween II (1981) will finally have its release on Blu-ray. Oct31st.org is giving away a FREE COPY of Halloween II on Blu-ray. This is open to United States citizens only and you must own a blu-ray player to watch it (regular DVD players don’t work!).


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