Halloween WallpapersI need to make a correction about the Peanuts Holiday Collection. Amazon.com is listing the release date for the new Peanuts Holiday Collection for October 5th, 2010. One month earlier than previously said to be released and on my birthday too (how convenient). Bluray.com has a wonderful review and features screenshots from the new “Great Pumpkin” release.

Halloween Wallpapers:
The internet is full of wallpapers and it can be hard to find great wallpapers in the massive “black hole” that is the internet -especially for holidays like Halloween! I have searched the internet high and low for great Halloween wallpapers (other than the ones on this site of course). Here are a few links to get you and your computer – in the Halloween spirit!

Smashing Magazine – over 37 Halloween wallpapers
Hongkiat – 50+ Be-Bewiched Halloween wallpapers
Tutorial Lounge – 75+ High Quality Halloween Wallpapers

Halloween radio:
AOL Halloween Radio is a great place for a mix of Halloween music & haunted ambience.
Halloween radio is set to return September 13th, 2010.
Live365 Various Halloween radio stations – just search Halloween.